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Welcome to the 5th News and Views LCM Systems Newsletter

As the weather starts to warm up here in the UK, I can happily report that 2013 looks set to be one of LCM Systems' best years. We have already launched a number of new products, some of which have been requested by our customers, others are new innovations of our own. We don't have room to write about all of them here, so please don't forget to visit our website at

With kind regards,

Steve Sargeant,
Managing Director

Business Update

Extension of Accessory Range

You may wish to visit the accessories section of our website to have a look at some of the new products we have added for use with our extensive range of load cells and instrumentation.

To complement our SHK and Telshack Load Measuring Shackles, we are pleased to announce that we now offer Crosby Bow and D anchor safety shackles for purchase with or without our link load cells. Also we are stocking a selection of Rod End Bearings that can be supplied and calibrated with an associated load cell.

We became an official distributor for Crosby in December 2012 and were able to offer significant price advantages to customers buying our shackle load cells. Customers also expressed an interest in buying the safety shackles without load cells from a reputable company who could also provide full Crosby traceability. We were in the perfect position to satisfy their requirements.

Product News

Indicators Galore

imageIn response to requests from our customers, particularly in the marine and offshore industry, LCM Systems has launched a new range of Large Digit Display indicators for use in crane, lifting and hoisting applications. There are three models within the LD Range: the LD-Process is suitable for process analogue current and voltage signals; the LD-Strain is for use with strain gauge based sensors and the LD-Serial, which is proving to be the most popular, is used as a slave display with connection by RS232 or RS485 interfaces.

Also, a new series of panel mounted display units can now be purchased for use with any LCM Systems load cell product, including those with integrally mounted amplifiers. More information here on the website.

Will I Need to Re-calibrate my Load Pin when I get it on Site?

Load pins are normally calibrated in half or full blocks in a traceable compression test machine. When a load pin is supplied as the sensing member of a shackle, we would normally calibrate the total shackle assembly in tension.

Here at LCM Systems, we try to match the loading conditions that would be experienced in service but it would be unrealistic to totally simulate the on-site structure for every load pin manufactured. It is for this reason that for optimum system accuracy, a calibration in the final assembly is recommended.



Application story

Thanks to our in-house design team, when our products aren't quite what a customer requires for their particular application, we are able to use our considerable expertise to customise a standard load cell.

This happened recently when a multi-national marine engineering company in Canada enquired about our TELSHACK-B load cell. They liked the principle of a wireless telemetry shackle, but wanted to measure ship docking tension on a winch and the load cell had to handled by one person. This was hard to achieve with a conventional shackle, when the measurement range is 85te. A more compact, lightweight solution was needed.

The result was the LCM3782 Wireless Telemetry Mooring Link Load Cell, that you can read about in full here.

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