DIA Stainless Steel Diaphragm Load Cell

The LCM series of Diaphragm Load Cells have been designed for use in a wide selection of different applications, particularly where there are low height constraints, for load cell installation.

The flexibility in the design of the DIA series enables the customer to virtually design the load cell to suit their installation exactly. Our engineers are on hand to assist you with this. Some of the standard variations that we offer include: male or female centre threads, clear centre holes etc.

The DIA series can be supplied as shown in this datasheet or can be modified to meet a particular application requirement. We are always pleased to discuss any special requirements that can be accommodated.

The DIA series can be supplied on it's own or combined with our extensive range of instrumentation to provide a complete load monitoring system.

  • Different mounting options available
  • Environmentally sealed to IP65 (IP67 can also be offered)
  • Integral connector versions available
  • Ranges 10 kg to 2000 kg
  • Special sizes and ranges available
  • Stainless steel construction
Rated Load (kgf) 10, 25, 50, 150, 250, 500, 1000, 2000
Proof Load 150% of Rated Load
Ultimate Breaking Load > 300% of Rated Load
Output 1.5 mV/V at Rated Load (nominal)
Non-Linearity < ±0.25% of Rated Load (typically)
Non-Repeatability < ±0.10% of Rated Load
Excitation Voltage 10vdc recommended, 15vdc maximum
Bridge Resistance 350?
Insulation Resistance > 500M? @ 500vdc
Operating Temperature Range -20 to +70°C
Compensated Temperature Range -10 to +50°C
Zero Temperature Coefficient < ±0.010% of Rated Load/°C
Span Temperature Coefficient < ±0.010% of Rated Load/°C
Environmental Protection Level IP65 (IP67 optional)
Connection Type 2 meters 4-core screened PUR cable
Wiring Connections
Red    +ve supply Blue     -ve supply
Green +ve signal Yellow -ve signal
Connection Type Special ranges and sizes available
Special mounting options
Special electrical connections

dia drawing

  • Process Measurement & Control
  • Automotive Testing
  • Low profile weighing systems


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