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Don't forget that you can always purchase a wide selection of our load cell products online from stock on very short lead times (typically despatched within 1 to 2 days). All shipments to our international customers are sent via express courier to ensure shortest possible delivery times, while our UK customers benefit from free next day delivery. Paying for items is very straightforward via credit or debit card, so, if you are in a different time zone and need a load cell urgently or you simply prefer hassle-free online purchasing, you can always place your load cell order when it's most convenient for you.

Wireless Load Shackles for a Boat Lift Application

With a lead time of just 2 days from receipt of order, these 12te and 17te wireless load shackles are currently on route to New Zealand to a shipyard where they will be used on a boat lift crane to monitor lifting loads and ensure weight is evenly distributed throughout the lift. This particular customer has purchased a number of these load shackles over the last few years and are expanding their stock to enable them to instrument more of their cranes. Short delivery times form a significant part of their purchasing decision, and knowing that we hold these products in stock for immediate despatch is certainly one of the reasons we are their preferred supplier. Our wireless load shackle range available ex-stock starts at 3.25 tonnes and goes up to 120 tonnes. Higher rated capacities are also available, but on a slightly longer lead time. If you need a load shackle for an imminent project, you can either purchase via our website or contact our sales team, who will be happy to assist.

12te Stainless Steel Wireless Load Links

Currently on their way to Korea are these two 12te wireless load links, which have been ordered by a crane and lifting equipment hire company. Part of our standard WLL range, these load links are available ex-stock, and have been designed for lifting and weighing in harsh environments, being manufactured from stainless steel. They are simple to install and are matched to standard shackle sizes. 

Each load link comes complete with a handheld display and one of our quality, lockable polyurethane transit cases, which are highly durable and impervious to most chemicals and moisture. Its robust moulded construction also means that it will not dent or rust, offering outstanding protection for the load links inside.

120te Load Pin for Mooring Bollard Load Monitoring

We are often asked to supply load pins to suit customer supplied load shackles from various manufacturers, but we are also sometimes asked to provide load pins for clevis arrangements, like this 120 tonne load pin that was recently despatched to a UK based mooring contractor that specialises in mooring bollards. The load pin has been designed to fit their MacAlloy FA/85 fork, and our computer generated image shows the load pin within the fork assembly. We also supplied a custom designed anti-rotation bracket and one of our TR150 handhelds with RS232 output for data acquisition to PC.

12.5kN Washer Load Cells

We have recently manufactured and despatched these 12.5kN stainless steel washer/through hole load cells to one of our UK customers. From our standard WAS range, the 12.5kN rated version is the smallest we manufacture, with a diameter of just 25mm and height of 12mm. The main application for these load cells is measuring the tension in bolts for safety monitoring or general quality control. Our standard range goes up to 540kN, but we can supply higher capacity and custom design versions if required. 

Load Pins for Farming Application

Shipped this week to in tractor supplier in South Africa were these 15 tonne rated load pins. They will replace existing load bearing pins in a tractor to provide load monitoring during ploughing. They have been designed with a recessed M12 connector to protect it from the arduous operational conditions and are environmentally sealed to IP67.

BP16 Pressure Transducers

These 10,000psi BP16 pressure transducers have been manufactured for a UK based company that specialises in controlled hydraulic jacking. Part of our standard range, they are available in pressure ratings from 100psi (6.89 Bar) to 14,500psi (1000 Bar). These particular pressure transducers have been supplied with mV/V output, but we can also manufacture versions that have a 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V or +/-10V output. Supplied with 2 metres of cable as standard, an integral connector option is also available.

2te Load Shackles with Integral Amplifiers

To one of our regular UK customers we have just despatched these two load shackles with a 2 tonne load rating and a 4-20mA output via integral ICA4 amplifiers. Due to the requirement for the amplified output, the 2 tonne Crosby load shackles that we would normally use were not suitable due to their small size. Instead we used Crosby G2130 3.25 tonne load shackles which are large enough to accommodate the housing required for the amplifier and manufactured a load pin rated at 2 tonnes to suit.

We can supply load shackles with load capacities as low as 1 tonnes to in excess of 1500 tonnes, and there are many options and special designs available. For more information on our load shackle range, or any other of our load measurement products, please contact us at   

500kg Bi-Directional Load Pins

For one of our regular Netherlands based customers we have manufactured these 500kg rated bi-directional load pins. This means that they have been calibrated in two directions so that they can be used to measure loads coming from both the top and underneath the load pins. They also feature integral 2 wire ICA5 amplifiers to provide 4-20mA output for simple connection to a display/indicator to view load measurement data. 

4000kg Winch Load Pins

Currently undergoing final calibration are these 4000kg rated load measuring pins.They will be going to a Canadian company that specialises in high-tech solutions for the global aluminium industry and will be installed in winch blocks to provide load monitoring and overload protection. The load pins are dual bridge, provide 4-20mA output via internal ICA5 amplifiers and have been supplied with 20 metres of TPE robotics cable.


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