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50 Tonne Wireless Compression Load Cells
50 Tonne Wireless Compression Load Cells - Copy
24th Sep 2021

These 50 tonne wireless compression load cells, ordered by one of our UK customers, are from our standard CPW range.

250 tonne ATEX Load Shackles
250 Tonne ATEX Load Shackles - Copy
16th Jul 2021

We have just despatched these 250 tonne ATEX/IECEx load shackles to a UK customer that specialises in the design of safety and control solutions.

1500 Tonne Compression Load Cell
1500 Tonne Compression Load Cell - Copy
25th Jun 2021

Shipped this week to one of our UK customers was this 1500 tonne compression load cell with removable, screw-in carry handles

5te Intrinsically Safe Wireless Load Link
5 Tonne Intrinsically Safe Wireless Load Link - Copy
18th Jun 2021

This 5 tonne rated wireless stainless steel load link has been despatched today to a customer in Germany.

BBL-1 100kg Beam Load Cells with Weighing Mounts
BBL-1 100kg Beam Load Cells with Weighing Mounts
11th Jun 2021

These BBL-1 beam load cells have been purchased by our distributor in Singapore, along with instrumentation to provide a complete Centre of Gravity system for hopper/tank weighing.

5 Tonne Load Measuring Pin
5 Tonne Load Pin for Crane Load Monitoring System - Copy
4th Jun 2021

We have recently shipped this 5 tonne rated load monitoring pin to one of our regular customers based in Canada who specialise in the supply of crane load monitoring systems. 

12.5kN Washer Load Cell
12.5kN Washer Load Cells - Copy
21st May 2021

These tiny DCE stainless steel washer/through hole compression load cells have been ordered by one of our UK customers.

750te ATEX Load Pins
750 Tonne Load Pins for Anchor Load Monitoring - Copy
14th May 2021

We have recently despatched an order for 40 ATEX/IECEx load pins, each rated to 750 tonnes with a diameter of 320mm and are 910mm long. 



227kg wire rope socket load pin
500lb Load Pin for Wire Rope Socket - Copy
23rd Apr 2021

This unusually shaped load pin has been designed to fit into a wire rope socket to provide tension load monitoring on the wire rope. Designed and manufactured for a US customer, it is rated to 500lbs (227kgs) and is submersible to 30m for permanent placement 1m under water. 

17 Tonne D Load Shackles
17 Tonne 'D' Type Load Shackles - Copy
16th Apr 2021

Shipped to a customer in Germany this week were these six SHK-D cabled 'D' load shackles rated to 17 tonnes.

DCE Tension & Compression Load Cells
DCE Tension & Compression Load Cells - Copy
9th Apr 2021

These two DCE stainless steel tension and compression load cells were despatched this week to a customer in China where they will be installed into test machines used for testing optical components.

600 Tonne SHK-B Load Shackle
600 Tonne Bow Load Shackle - Copy
19th Mar 2021

This 600 tonne load shackle has been ordered by a customer in South Korea. Part of our standard cabled load shackle range, the SHK-B-600 uses a GN Rope H10 load shackle.